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I'm a bit of a sweet tooth, the words 'that's enough chocolate for me' have never escaped my lips. I know my body reacts to too much and I have been wanting to try to cut down on sugar or even cut it right out after reading some pretty daming information about the impact of refined sugar on the body....but....but...I need an extra hand, I've put it off, I'm busy etc etc.


Then a few days ago my Father in law put a post on Facebook revealing an extrodinary change, his doctor told him that he no longer needed to be on insulin:


"As some of you know, I have been a type 2 diabetic for about ten years and on insulin for more than four years. Ten months ago, we came across "That Sugar Movie" and decided to follow the sugar free lifestyle it advocates, as far as possible. I have just been to see my specialist and she has taken me off insulin! My blood sugar levels are the lowest in ten years and my weight is down nearly 10%. As a bonus, my cholesterol levels are normal, so I am off that medication too! The message - Type 2 and cholesterol can be managed with fewer drugs. My aim is to get rid of all my remaining medication by maintaining a healthier diet. It can be done!"


I've watched lately as he has lost weight, gained energy and generally reported feeling healthier. I've been inspired, this is a man in his 60's, if he can make such an inspirational change then so can I. 


That was it, I've signed up for the 8 week program and I would love you to join me. My whole family will be on this adventure together and I'd love to see more people join in. Let's make change, let's find more energy, let's discover that we are sweet enough!!


Sprout and Bean Yoga has teamed up with I Quit Sugar to offer an 8 week program with a weekly Yoga class.


C'mon, let's do it together!! 


Yoga classes will be run at the new studio, Thursdays 6 AM and 6 PM and you can attend free as part of the program for 8 weeks!!


Click on the red arrow to get started....


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