Kerrie will be offering a full moon meditation once more in July at the serene Sprout and Bean Yoga Studio In Maitland, in view of the moonrise (lunar godess permitting, of course).

The full moon is our high tide energy wise and this is why the Bright Lady at her peak offers us such a strong opportunity to at once let go and create. This gorgeous full moon falls in the sign of Capricorn and after two full moons in a row in Saggitarius and a rather unsettling period of retrograde everything, this lovely lunation is the perfect antidote. Beyond the welcome relief, the Capricorn full moon also echoes one of this year's overarching themes, asking us to consider once more how we balance both our high magic and lower order potential for delusion (Neptune) with the requisite structure of our lives (Saturn). 

The July full moon is also Guru Purnima, a festival dedicated to the recognition and celebration of our masters, guides and spiritual teachers. Known as the Full Moon of the Masters, this full moon we pay homage to those who teach us and shepherd us through our lives. This event's handcrafted altar will be based upon this revered tradition.

Together we will harness the energy of this extra special full moon through guided meditations and an evening of magic that integrates all the elements of these signature gatherings: lashings of current astrology, moon musing, a gorgeous bespoke altar and of course a potent ritual.

When: Wednesday 20th July
Where: Sprout and Bean yoga
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Investment: $40

Please bring some flowers to add to the altar and a symbol of your greatest teachers to date, a favourite crystal to work with for the month to come, a cushion to sit on (bolsters and mats provided) and your sweet self in comfy clothing.

Tickets are available through the link below to reserve your place in the circle. Our last circle was a heartwarming, uplifting and enlightening evening and it will be great to see your familiar faces back in the studio for the next full mooner.

Kerrie Basha is Bohomofo

a writer and storyteller from the Hunter Valley. An experienced tarot reader, Kerrie offers insightful readings in person or online, combining her unique perspective with her connection to the seen and unseen worlds. Kerrie regularly hosts her signature meditations and rituals on the full and new moons in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley and travels with her cards and her workshops on the Art of Ritual, Align : Cycles of the Earth & Sky and Altared Space. 

Kerrie creates bespoke rituals for her clients and loves to spend her time in the wilds collecting plants and bones, shells and branches. 

You can find Kerrie as Bohomofo in all the regular social media channels and she welcomes your messages and enquiries.

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