Lisette from B~Yoga (and Sprout and Bean) is bringing a much loved Yoga teacher Rich Kelly from Rich Kelly Yoga to the studio.

4hrs of YIN. To indulge the senses. To embellish the spirit. To release the mind. There's nothing else to tell you ..except for something about Rich himself. For those that haven't had the chance to be in one of his specialty 4, 6 or 8hour YIN workshops - you're in for a real treat. Here is the first in the series. �

There will be home made Organic Kombucha and Bliss Balls included with your journey.

During the past ten years Rich has explored a wide variety of different styles of yoga and healing modalities. Drawn to share his learning, Rich embarked on the yoga-teaching path, training for 3 months in Thailand as an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, training with 4th series Ashtanga practitioners Donovan Hicks and Ricardo Martinez. He then continued his teacher training to learn Rocket Yoga Teaching (a mix of Ashtanga primary, second and third series yoga), and upon his return to Australia Rich undertook teacher training with Duncan Peak at Power Living Yoga in Sydney.
Rich has also learned from a number of other yoga practices and healing modalities including Bryan Kest; Ansara (head teacher at Marc. St. Pierre); Noah Maze; Fiona Liard (yoga for athletes); Yin Yoga (Sarah Power and Paul Grilley); Dan Fanthorpe (ashtanga yoga); Bhakhti Yoga; Karma Yoga; Raja Yoga; Kundalini Yoga; as well as the exploring Tantra and Shamanic healing modalities.
Rich now brings all of his learnings, life experience and philosophies to his yoga teaching, helping others to also heal from the blending of yoga with music, rhythm, dance, and an appreciation of the beauty of nature. He is particularly passionate about the power of yoga to heal the mind and the body, and bringing his love of surfing together with yoga through Yoga For Surfers classes is one of his great joys in life.
Rich’s yoga classes bring with them a balance of the masculine and the feminine, the physical and the spiritual, the mental and the emotional, providing a true richness of learning, experience and growth for the individual, not only in the yoga studio but off the mat as well.

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