Yoga for the whole family

This is a photo of my actual family clowning around.

Yes we are all hamming it up for Zoe who was holding a camera but it's not uncommon for us to bust out some Yoga moves during family time.

Family Yoga gives us time to have fun, to use our imaginations, to work as a team and to give each other the most valuable gift we can, our undivided attention.

Our family loves connecting through Yoga, we touch and encourage and cheer each other on, it's so much fun that it's often the adults who leave with the biggest smiles.

You dont have to be flexible or have ever done Yoga before to participate. We all just get in and give it a go.

Family Yoga can include grandparents, carers, Aunties & Uncles or older siblings. 


Saturday 1st October 10-11AM

This is a video

made by my teacher Gopala who trained me in childrens and family Yoga.

I've stuck it here to give you more of an idea about what to expect from a family Yoga class.

Looks like fun right?!


Right! Heaps of fun...

Family classes are held on the first Saturday of each school holidays.

Cost is $20 per big kid/little kid combo (adult/child)

Wear comfy moveable clothing, bring a sense of childlike wonder and a water bottle with you.




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