Little Sprouts  Ages 2-5

(Pre-school program)


On the surface childrens yoga appears to be a jam packed hour of fun, laughter and imagination.

Movement and music are interwoven with storytelling as our creativity takes us off the mats and into the world.

We can learn about other countries and cultures,  bray like a stallion, ride an old steam train or blast through space.

We never quite know where our journey will take us. At a deeper level childrens yoga builds confidence, creates connections and community.

Classes provide a non competetive platform where each child can explore their potential creatively and physically.

But if you ask the kids, they'll just say its fun!

Preschool Yoga Costs 2019

One off visit

$125 incl GST (8-25 participants)


Five Week Program

$550 incl GST 


Eight Week Program

$800 incl GST 


Ten Week Program

$900 incl GST

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