Pre-natal Yoga

The pregnant womans body goes through so many changes over such a short time and so a specialist class is required.
At Sprout and Bean we offer two options for women throughout pregnancy.
Firstly a weekly class where we focus on creating space within the body around the areas that are working hardest. We also work to strengthen and prepare the body and mind for birth. 
Prenatal Yoga class, Fridays 12-1PM.
For women having their first baby or attempting a VBAC we delve deeper into our practice through a six week Prenatl Yoga course.
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This course is compiled by Kate who has used Yoga to find comfort and stillness in pregnancy, prepare for three births and assist her body to recover afterwards. She knows the benefits of Prenatal specific Yoga first hand and complete specialised Pre and Post-natal training with Bliss Baby Yoga in 2014.
Kate also collaborates with local medical professsionals to ensure that the teaching is up to date with whats going on in the area around Pre-natal care and birthing.
The course offers so much more than Yoga, we cover visualisations, breathing techniques, movement in birth and partner support.
Prenatal Yoga is also a wonderful way of connecting with other new Mama's.
Bookings are essential and the course will run according to numbers. 
To provide wholistic care for our Mama's, all attendee's of the course will be offered 10% discount off of props (bolsters, mats, blocks) to take home for a self practice. 

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