Sound Vibing with Matt the Gong Guru

A two hour workshop suitable for those new to sound healing as well as those with experience. Soul Vibing is a facilitated process that includes ritual, breath work and live sound immersion. During this 90 min process we will be carried with the sounds of the didj, gong, crystal bowls, drums and channelled mantra into the expand state of awareness and wellbeing to de-stress, unwind and align with the voice of your soul song.
Investment is $50 for the 2 hours and the studio has bolsters, blocks and blankets to use.

With an open heart and a beautiful soul, Matt Omo, aka The Gong Guru, is a master sound healer and a leader of the sound healing movement in Australia, with over 15 years experience working with a variety of sound healing techniques.

As a respected spiritual teacher, master sound healer, visionary and co-owner of Be Still & Chill Health and Wellness Centre based in the heart of Sydney’s Northern beaches, Matt’s intention to share his wisdom and guide others to sing their soul song. More details and clips of Matt’s work at

A truly transforming experience – Through subtle non obtrusive techniques Matt encouraged my body, mind and soul to connect to a higher source. Through these techniques I experienced various sensations of pure satisfaction and peace. In the final stages of the session my body created a final release of tears, untamed arms, pure ecstasy, stillness, knowingness and completeness. My body began to create its own reaction to the session releasing all sort of sounds and movements that I had no control over yet need to be expresses to release what was repressed. After this session with Matt my life has seemed much more alinged and the fears I held have now dissolved. Thank you for a pure moment of ecstasy (without drugs!!!!) -Lulu R. (Creative Director and Design Lecturer)

Saturday July 9th 10-12PM

Right! Heaps of fun...

Family classes are held on the first Saturday of each school holidays.

Cost is $20 per big kid/little kid combo (adult/child)

Wear comfy moveable clothing, bring a sense of childlike wonder and a water bottle with you.




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